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Gay Ibiza

Gay Ibiza

A guide to Gay Ibiza

Ibiza and Formentera (Ibiza’s small sister island) were named the ‘Islas Pitiusas’ by the Greeks (Islands of Pine Trees). Gay Ibiza didn't start out that gay, of course. The island of Ibiza became a bit of a hippy paradise in the 60s – until it was discovered by tourists, who started to come here in droves from the 70s onwards. Today, all sorts of people flock here – from gays and lesbians to millionaires on smart yachts, teens looking to get laid, nudists, clubbers, and package tour families. Gay Ibiza now reigns as Europe's gay clubbing and party paradise, with lots of gay bars, clubs and of course beaches on which to recover from the night before.


The island of Ibiza doesn’t get much rainfall, and so is mostly harsh and rocky. As well as pines, you’ll find figs, almonds and olives here – with heavy wooded areas on the northern side of the island.


Ibiza - one of Europe's 'BIG 4' gay resorts


Gay Ibiza - one of Europe's 'Big 4'

Ibiza, Sitges, Gran Canaria and Mykonos are the ‘Big 4’ gay summer resorts in Europe – and thousands of gay visitors flock to each to soak up the sun by day, and hit the bars and clubs by night. Of the four, gay Ibiza is the most glamorous and buzzy – and has a reputation for being Spain and Europe’s nightclub capital – with huge nightclubs such as the Ministry of Sound playing host to thousands of revellers each night.


Ibiza Town

Towering above Ibiza Town (the main town on the island) is the magnificent battlements of D’alt Vila – which contains most of the island’s historic sites, including an impressive 13th century Catalan-styled cathedral. In 1999, it won UNESCO World Heritage Status – due to its being one of the best-preserved examples of a European fortress. The walls rise to over 30 metres in height, and were built to keep the island protected from marauding Moors and Turks in the age of pirates. Today, the walls are spot-lit spectacularly, and provide a gorgeous backdrop to the town. They also become quite cruisy at night. Although there are some gay bars in Ibiza Town itself, the more gay area of the town is 'Ses Figueretes', which is to the south of Ibiza town (walkable). This is where you'll find a greater concentration of gays and gay bars.


Away from Ibiza Town

Although most gay and lesbian tourists end up in Ibiza Town, there are other nice areas on the island to stay or visit.


Talamanca, just a mile north of Ibiza, offers peace and quiet and a sandy beach. There are a few hotels here, and most are very gay-friendly. The crowd here is a little more international, who come here for the tranquility, good restaurants and to escape the mayhem of Ibiza town.


In the centre of gay Ibiza island is Sant Rafel, and up-market village that boasts some very good restaurants. Smack in the center of the island, surrounded by some of the most fertile land in Ibiza, the prosperous village of Sant Rafel is equidistant from Sant Antoni (with its hoards of straight youngsters) and the classy nightlife in Ibiza. San Rafel is also over-endowed with fine restaurants. For a simpler feast, there are no-nonsense Spanish grilled meats and seafood treats available. Because Ibiza is just twelve miles wide, you’re never more than a few minutes drive from the beach and it’s simple to get anywhere from Sant Rafel either down to Cala Jondal or Salinas on the south coast, or even up to the deserted coves (like Cala d’En Serra) of the far northeast of the island.


Close to the more gay Ibiza Town is Formentera – Ibiza’s super-relaxed sister-island. The numbers of tourists here are restricted, as the authorities are concerned about preserving the island’s environment. Getting around is best by bicycle – and it’s small enough for you to easily reach the many pretty (and nude) beaches, fortified churches, pirate watch towers and the few bars and restaurants on offer. If you’re looking for gay hotels Ibiza doesn’t offer many in this area – but the Es Pujols resort is quite nice and very gay-friendly.


Getting there

Ibiza is pretty easy to get to. Low-cost carriers fly there from cities across Europe. You could, of course, take a ferry from Barcelona or other Spanish cities on the east coast - it's quite fun, but slow and expensive.


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Ibiza - capital of gay clubbing

Gay events in Ibiza


Gay Ibiza

Ibiza is a party town – and as always, it’s the gay travelers who inject a strong dose of glamour, style and decadence to the proceedings. On a balmy summer night, gorgeous drag queens, go-go boys and near-naked acrobats on stilts make their way through the crowds distributing leaflets to the latest night clubs. The 'gay quarter' is called Ses Figueretes, which is on the southern end of the town and which you can walk to from the centre. There are plenty of gay bars – so if you’re staying in one of the town’s many gay bed and breakfasts, guesthouses or gay hotels, you can walk to the bars and restaurants easily, and then stumble home again without having to worry about hire cars or taxis. Some of the nightclubs in gay Ibiza, however, are located further afield. Although, again, there are a few gay clubs in the town itself.


Gay beaches in Ibiza

There are just under 80 beaches on Ibiza – many of which have become over-run by tourist developments. They encircle most of the island - except for the northern part which is too rocky for beaches. There are, however, plenty of wild, tranquil beaches left to discover – and most offer the opportunity to swim and sunbath in the nude.


When it comes to beaches that are gay Ibiza doesn't disappoint. Talamanca beach, Salinas beach, El Chiringay are the well known gay beaches. If your gay hotel, bed and breakfast or guesthouse is in Ibiza Town, you can get here relatively easily by bus. It offers nude bathing and a gay restaurant / bar just behind the beach.


Ibiza - a gay gude



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When it comes to gay hotels Ibiza is one of Europe’s top ‘gay hotspots’ – and so offers plenty of excellent gay-only and gay-friendly hotels, guesthouses, and bed and breakfasts. You’ll also find a lot of holiday apartments and holiday homes for rent on the island.


If you’re looking for gay-only or gay-friendly accommodation on Ibiza, it’s important to choose the right location. San Antonio, favoured mostly by young heteros from the UK is the place to avoid – unless you enjoy fish & chips, vomit and gangs of drunken youths out on the pull.


Far more gay Ibiza town, on the other hand, is a world away from San Antonio – glamorous, beautiful, historic, with plenty of lovely restaurants, a gorgeous port, and a good sprinkling of the rich and famous. Ibiza town is where most gay travelers end up – so if you’re looking for gay hotels Ibiza town is the place to start.


For those of you looking for a quieter holiday, the north of the Island is quiet and rugged, offering easy access to beautiful beaches. You may be better off renting a holiday apartment of holiday property here – as there aren’t many gay hotels, guesthouses or B&Bs.


In terms of the gay accommodation offered within Ibiza Town itself, many gay tourists choose to stay in the Figurestas neighbourhood, which is a little quieter than the centre of Ibiza Town – but which also offers good bars and restaurants. You’ll find quite a few gay-only hotels in Ibiza and exclusively gay guesthouses in this area. Some, however, are a little tired and in need of renovation – so choose carefully. Alternatively, there are a lot of gay-friendly hotels in Ibiza (such as the multi-storey Don Quijote), which are larger and so offer more facilities. You’ll find budget gay B&Bs too, and a number of self-catering apartments that offer even greater flexibility and privacy. Gay travellers often choose to stay in one of the islands beach resorts (such as 4-star Los Molinos). Although not exclusively gay, they are certainly used to the many gay guests who stay, and offer easy access to the beach. Most also come with their own pools and restaurants and bars.


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More information on gay Ibiza

Below are our favourites in terms of other websites and magazines to use to get the very latest information on what to do, where to eat and drink, and how to 'hook up' in gay Ibiza.


Best gay hook-up websites

Meeting locals and other visitors is pretty easy in Ibiza – just hit the bars. For other times of day, try for meeting Spanish, and either Gaydar or Grindr for tourists.



Best tourist information sites

We recommend going straight to the official Ibiza Tourism website for information on what to do, and where to eat and drink.


Best gay and non-gay events

Checkout Gay Welcome’s own Events Calendar for gay-related events in Ibiza.

Gay Welcome


Best gay and non-gay events

Head straight for TripAdvisor for advice on restaurants - as other websites don't offer the same sort of coverage or quality reviews.




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