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Cheapest holiday hotspots 2015: Prague not Dubai

The Daily Telegraph, Jan 16

Gay holidaymakers will get more for their money in Europe this year, with a cup of coffee in Prague costing £1.06 compared to £4.67 in Dubai.

Gay tourists looking to save money when on holiday should pick Prague, Portugal's Algarve or the Costa del Sol in Spain, a new report suggests. 

The value of sterling has risen against the euro as well as almost all "long-haul currencies" as well, but the Post Office Holiday Costs 2015 found Auckland, Muscat and Jumeirah in Dubai were the most expensive locations in 2015. 

Since the data was collected, the pound has risen even further hitting a six-year high of €1.29 this week. 

The study examines and compares the price of a typical basket of goods that would be bought by holiday-making families. 

It found a cup of coffee in a bar or café will cost £1.06 in Prague, or 57p in the Algarve. In Jumeirah it will cost £4.67, or £3.18 in Muscat.



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